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for people with motor disabilities

Where we are coming from?

Our founder’s disability (SMA), combined with our growing network, ensures that “iako” is a solution created by and for the community it serves.

Our Approach

“iako” is our proprietary AI which can integrate individual data and offer insights and predictions.

Our 1st Mission

Alongside “iako” we develop a user-centric fitness-tracker (adaptable senor platform) for people with motor disabilities as a first pillar.

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Current status

We are currently enrolling the first patients in our “proof-of-concept“ study which is conducted together with the MRI and the SMA community.

Future missions

After we established our fitness tracker we want to broaden our data-sources and target population. Please bear with us and subscribe for our newsletter!


„iako” will be a digital assistant to people with motor disabilites which aggregates and integrates various real-world data to transform it into meaningful decision support for daily challenges.

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